2019 Closet and Storage Trends Driving Homebuyer Satisfaction

Eight trends for storage solutions that will increase homebuyer interest


Closets: every home has them and homebuyers wish they could be better. Whether it is about storing more clothes or doing double-duty as a multifunctional space, homebuyers expect more from their closets and storage spaces. Thankfully, Organized Living is here to help with the eight closet and storage trends that are all about making life easier and satisfying homebuyers.

  1. Multigenerational Functionalities: Buyers are planning further into the future when purchasing their next home. They are concerned about aging relatives or themselves aging in place. Homebuyers take ADA compliant products and accommodations seriously. Adjustable storage is becoming the standard in homes to meet this need. With components that can move freely, closets and storage spaces can be modified to create more accessible designs, giving homebuyers peace of mind now and in the future.
  2. Large Pantries: With the rise of open shelving in kitchens, pantries have been increasing in size to handle the lack of cabinet storage space. Buyers and owners alike are relying on their pantries to take on the influx of storage. These large pantries feature adjustable shelving, a plethora of storage accessories like pullout baskets, and work surfaces for dinner prep and packing school lunches.
  3. Hidden Storage: Up to 75 percent of homeowners are obsessed with de-cluttering their kitchen countertops, according to a recent Houzz study. Built-in lift doors are designed to reduce the countertop clutter, and homebuyers can store their appliances behind them. Inconspicuous kitchen drawers enlist coffee pod organizers, spice holders, and more. Pantries are often being disguised behind cabinet doors. When opened, they reveal a large walk-in pantry.
  4. Gray Finishes: Kitchen and bath color trends are making an entrance into closets and storage spaces. This growing demand for gray shelving is being dictated by the flow of the home. Homebuyers want a minimalistic approach to home décor, so providing continuity between spaces is important. These gray finishes have warm undertones to give grays a more dynamic appearance and a homey feel.
  5. Flex Spaces: With space being a premium in homes, buyers are looking for ways to maximize what they have and to evolve the space to fit their needs. They are using traditional spaces, such as dining rooms, and transitioning them to playrooms or homework rooms. Homebuyers are even looking for movable walls to increase their space when they are entertaining. As their needs and lives change, the space needs to be able to evolve.
  6. Hiving: As video streaming and meal delivery services grow in popularity, people no longer need to leave the home for entertainment. Homebuyers are looking for a space where they can create a community within their home and stay put. Hiving, hunkering down, and loving where you live are things that homebuyers have come to expect. So homebuyers never have to leave their homes, builders are incorporating larger covered porches and welcoming entrances to handle the increasing number of delivered packages.
  7. Mixed Metals: Gone are the days of decorating with just one finish. Homebuyers are experimenting with bold combinations of brass, matte white and black, silver, and rose gold accessories and fixtures. With this new trend, homebuyers have more freedom and options when selecting finishes throughout the home.
  8. Messy Kitchens: The messy kitchen is a new and growing trend in high-end custom homes. Messy kitchens are a hidden prep and pantry space tucked behind the main kitchen with a full complement of amenities and appliances, such as refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and pantry. Using the messy kitchen to prepare food allows the main kitchen to remain a clean and tidy congregating space when entertaining.

Home trends come and go, but adjustable storage is here to stay. Finding the right storage system to accommodate your homebuyers’ wants and needs can be quite the task. Thankfully, Organized Living’s adjustable freedomRail closet system is up to the challenge. With unwavering strength and complete adjustability, you can count on freedomRail to withstand active daily use of your homebuyers for years to come.

Theresa Finnigin is the Director of Marketing for Organized Living. To learn more, please visit organizedliving.com

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