Why 55-Plus ‘Senior Living’ Needs a Rebrand

It’s time to set the record straight: “55-plus senior living communities” are a myth. These so-called “independent living communities” are advertised as appealing to a younger demographic of seniors, with lively, fit 60-year-olds often seen playing sports and socializing in their marketing materials. Yes, these communities exist, and yes, their residents are over 55—but, in most cases, they were 55 at least 15 years ago. “55-plus is really 55-plus-plus-plus,” Dan Hutson, chief strategy officer at California-based Cornerstone Affiliates, tells Senior Housing News. Cornerstone Affiliates is the parent company of non-profit senior living companies American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW), Beacon Communities, Inc. and be.group, as well as the for-profit firm Seniority, Inc.


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