8 designer tricks to decorate with texture

8 Designer Tricks

Walk into some rooms, and you immediately feel welcomed, nurtured, visually excited. You want to curl up on the room’s plush velvet sofa, wrap yourself in its nubby thick throw, and enjoy the flickering, warming flames from the fireplace with its big rustic stone surround. This is because of: the designer tricks, decorating tricks, and texture.

What’s the room’s secret (another interior designers job)? Often not its size, style of furnishings, or color palette. A mix of textures may be the catalyst. “Another one of the designer tricks is Texture makes all the difference between a room seeming warm and inviting rather than cold, flat and unfinished,” says Erica Islas, owner of EMI Interior Designer Tricks in Los Angeles. Chicago architect Elissa Morgante with Morgante-Wilson Architects agrees, “Texture’s definitely the total buzz, especially because neutral palettes have become so popular.” And for Sarah Barnard, another LA designer tricks, texture, not pattern, is the go-to tool. It’s time to decorate!

Textural trends and have come, gone and returned before. But not all’s the same this time around. Today’s update? An overall subtlety in the finished design, and one chunky show-off texture to act as a focal point or foil.


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