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A Functional and Decorative Upgrade

With many still working from home, homeowners remain focused on their homes and interested in quick and easy upgrades. Many are looking for something that is both functional and decorative, to get the most out of their upgrades.

Traditionally, it can be challenging to make home upgrades that match perfectly with your existing decor. The new Wood Fascia Bracket Set is the perfect option for any room needing that special design element to bring things together.

This bracket set can be easily used to attach your unique fascia to either Johnson’s 200WM or 200WG heavy-duty wall-mount sliding door hardware. Ideal for doors up to 96” wide and weighing up to 400 lbs.

“Not only does the Wood Fascia Bracket Set allow you to use fascia made from a variety of wood types, it also can securely hold fascia made of other materials such as vinyl and aluminum. This makes it easy to select the right fascia for your home and decorating style,” says Michael Myers, marketing director for Johnson Hardware.

With many people still working from home, it is becoming increasingly important to have a comfortable workspace within your home. Personalize your office decor game by using the wood fascia bracket set to install your own custom vinyl fascia. Of course, the wood fascia bracket set goes great in virtually any room, especially kitchens. This hardware gives you the freedom to match the fascia with your cabinets or introduce a complementary color.

Have a cramped, neutral-color bedroom that needs a makeover? Space-saving Johnson wall-mount sliding door hardware with a custom fascia is the perfect option! You’ll gain extra floor space and you may be surprised how much a matching or contrasting color fascia can rejuvenate a bedroom.

Since 1958, Johnson Hardware has been producing high quality sliding, folding and pocket door hardware that is made in the USA for residential

and light commercial applications. Celebrating 60 years of precision engineering, the Company protects the health and safety of its employees and surrounding communities and ecosystems. It uses natural resources including raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible.

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