ADA-Friendly Parade Home Built to Inspire

The highly energy-efficient New Idea Home lives up to its name, wowing the Denver HBA 2016 Parade of Homes with thoughtful and inspiring design decisions

By Genevieve Smith

Having built homes all across the neighborhoods of Denver, Colo., Dave Jackson of Jackson Design Build and his team endeavor to enhance the charm and character of those wonderful areas with their projects, while offering the latest in modern innovation—continuously pushing the boundaries.

Urban infill experts who are also well-versed in suburban and rural home construction, the firm’s other area of expertise is slightly more specialized: inspiring their trade partners to push the limits and create innovation. That is the story of their 2016 New Idea Home, winner of the Denver HBA 2016.

“It was a very successful project,” said Dave Jackson, president and CEO of Jackson Design Build. “We’re very pleased with it in just about all aspects.”

Far from the first parade home for Jackson Design Build, this particular home was, from inception, intended to be different in an impressive way. “We started the whole process with the intent of entering it as a parade home, so we solicited financial and product support from our entire supply chain,” said Jackson. This meant a great deal of time and effort spent on marketing of the home and the company all along the way.

Because of this marketing and the attention it was intended to draw, Jackson had the opportunity to push his vendor partners. “We tried to enlist and inspire our designers and trade partners to come up with new and better ways to build—better ways to insulate, better ways to use and save energy,” said Jackson. “We solicited new ideas to try and get as much as we could of the latest and greatest in the house.”

Although they do much of their own design work in-house (as in for interior work and renovations), Jackson went out of house for this home. “We generally hire architects on projects of that scope. Custom homes, we always hire one of our preferred architect partners,” said Jackson.

Jackson Design Build used Milgard’s Ultra Series Windows and Essence Series® Doors in the color cinnamon.


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