Don’t Think These Homes Look Like Affordable Housing? Look Again

There’s a neighborhood in Southwest Florida that’s changing the way people think about affordable housing.  The Economic Policy Institute rated the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island metro area worst in the state for income inequality this year. But now, in the farmworker community of Immokalee, low-income residents have a chance to live in three-bedroom/two-bath houses.  Hatchers Preserve is a new affordable housing complex in Immokalee. To get there, you drive past some dilapidated trailers on both sides of the street. And then, you start seeing white homes each outlined with a different color—red, green, blue. The roofs are all angled differently, too. And there are windows in unexpected places, like corners.  “It’s a very different design– different structure. The colors are unique… Just very, very modern,” says Christina Flores.  She’s in her early 30s, and she’s lived in Immokalee her whole life– always in mobile homes until now. Christina, her husband and their three sons moved into their first house this year in Hatchers Preserve. She says she feels safer here.


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