Affordable housing project joins construction boom along St. Paul’s Green Line includes more affordable housing

The years-planned Brownstone apartment redevelopment project along the Green Line LRT corridor at University Avenue and Victoria Street in St. Paul has broken ground for 35 apartments targeted at working class folks. And, in a construction boom of the last six years that has featured taxpayer-financed stadiums and many high-buck residential rental projects in Minneapolis and St. Paul, this a bit more evidence of a modest increase in affordable housing. Brownstone, which is being built on a vacant lot and replacing an adjacent antiquated building, also will “make a positive contribution to the community, not only because it will eliminate blight and improve aesthetics but also because the area will become more pedestrian friendly, which in turn will deter crime,” said longtime CEO Beverley Hawkins of Model Cities. “Over time, University Avenue will begin to resemble … a dynamic, cutting-edge section, helping keep existing businesses while attracting a wide variety of new businesses to the area.”


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