Attracting the Savvy 55+ Buyer

A focus on connection in community design draws Boomers toward new homes


Over 76 million people control more than 60 percent of U.S. discretionary income. These are the Boomers. According to research from John Burns Real Estate Consulting, 53 percent of those 55 to 65 years of age have trouble finding the perfect home for their wants and needs. In the design plan of Altis, our first 55+ community, in Beaumont, California, our experience and research told us just what this special buyer wants in a home, and what features and amenities attract them.

Secure a connected location

A successful community must be close to those essential services—groceries, healthcare, banks, transit, airports—that are the underpinning of the good life. Of course, accessible leisure activities are also key, with access to entertainment, dining, and outdoor adventure. The Altis community enjoys a strategic location to all these amenities, acting as the center of life.

Build community through design

A community-centric design that brings people together was a crucial component for the plan of Altis. Through thoughtful land planning with mixed-lot neighborhoods, connective and multi-use trail systems, open spaces, and the VuePointe community hub in the heart of it all, residents of Altis will enjoy more than just their own community. With the Altis Paseo Trail system connecting VuePointe to surrounding neighborhoods, a further bond with neighbors is also a huge draw. It’s all about connection.

Provide meaningful amenities

Thoughtfully designed, consumer-centric amenities are critical to the success of 55+ communities. Fitness, wellness, food, customer service, and sustainability are just a few examples of concerns both meaningful and compelling to residents. The pool complex at Altis, for instance, will be perfectly situated to provide privacy to its residents, while at the same time using solar panels to provide both shade to swimmers and power generation to heat the pools. The pool complex proves that sustainability can be luxurious, too, with swim-up cabanas, beach-style entry, and an elevated hydrotherapy pool big enough for a party with a bunch of new friends.

Offer a solid investment

With more than 70 percent of Boomers being homeowners, many will be investing equity from their current residences into their new homes at Altis and the perfect premium home sites. They will want to know that this is a good investment in their future and that HOA fees, property taxes, and utility costs will be reasonable and cost effective. Value for money is key.

Tap into wellness

Boomers rightly realize that quality of life largely depends on good health. They want to feel good, look good, and do good. Amenities, programming, and marketing should respond to these values and their motivation. The Wellness Suite at Altis will be a multi-purpose private room where services from massages to physical therapy to aesthetician services can be enjoyed. Ease of access to these wellness services can add significantly to quality of life for residents.

Build for all generations

It’s not just about the residents. Family is everything. Boomers want to be a meaningful part of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. An emphasis placed on amenities and programming that prompts the whole family to want to spend quality time together is key. At Altis, two neighborhood parks will be there to bring families together with outdoor kitchens, raised garden beds, outdoor furniture, and lots of green grass. The parks are connected to the trail loop—a fun day with grandma and grandpa in the park will be just a hike or bike ride away.

Hire engaged staff

A lifestyle facilitator can help guide events and provide tips on everything from local shopping to the best place to get a cup of coffee. Energetic, compassionate, and a great listener, the perfect lifestyle facilitator is ready to help Boomers live their best life. A great lifestyle facilitator should provide a kind of concierge service, recommending experiences and experts—even introducing residents to neighbors who share similar interests. We can’t say it often enough: it’s all about connecting.

Boomers are savvy. They know what they want. Building a successful 55+ community requires thoughtful design of both the home and the community they will experience every day. Modern designs and innovative approaches to amenities are just the start. It’s the connections, and the community those connections provide, that are the ideal goal of Altis by Pardee Homes. Community and connections. All that, and so much more.

Matt Sauls is Vice President, Marketing and Product Development for Pardee Homes’ Inland Empire division. Matt is currently responsible for strategic marketing planning and implementation for all active neighborhoods and master planned communities within the Inland Empire. For more information please visit

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