Austin, Texas Housing Market Named Second Most Stable in the U.S.

According to a recent analysis by the finance website SmartAsset, Austin, Texas is the second most stable housing market in the United States. Boulder, Colorado was ranked first. Home prices in Austin have risen more or less steadily for many years, while avoiding the extremes of other real estate markets across the country. Austin Housing Market #2 in the Nation for Stability. This isn’t particularly surprising, when you look at the history of this housing market. Like most metro areas in Texas, the real estate scene in Austin was relatively stable during the housing crisis that began around 2008. Home values in the area dipped slightly during those years, but it was nothing like the price plummet seen elsewhere across the country. But what is a “stable” real estate market exactly? According to SmartAsset, these are cities and metro areas with a steady upward trend in home prices and (perhaps more importantly) a low probability of depreciation in the near future.


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