Brookfield Residential Encompasses Core Values

Derived from Brookfield Office Properties, Brookfield Residential Properties began only four years ago, but their experience dates back to 1956 with Brookfield Homes Corporation. Although their name may have changed, the core corporate values that have made them successful homebuilders remain the same: building homes with passion, integrity and creating resonating communities.

Brookfield Residential emphasizes community engagement greatly because they believe homes extend beyond the physical walls. Brookfield Residential is dedicated to delivering a complete experience for their clients, not just a home. They aim to create communities that work together, making them a company that closely collaborates with local agencies and businesses, fellow neighbors and interest groups that share the same vision for their communities.

For Brookfield Residential, the environment is also part of the community and thus is not excluded in the overall vision of their homebuilding practice. As eco-conscious homebuilders, they seek innovative ways to reduce damage done to the environment. Such ways include using solar and geothermal power for sustainable infrastructure, and a myriad of home appliances and features for energyefficient living.

Such values and dedication can be observed in their most recently finished community, Windrift at River Islands in Lathrop, Calif. Located in the beautiful San Joaquin County, Windrift offers new single family homes that are perfect for new homeowners that are thinking of expanding their family.

Their floor plans are generously spacious allowing the homeowner to freely design their home to fit their personal needs. Brookfield Residential creates elegant interior design with a modern approach and clients can also utilize their on-site Design Center to customize homes to accommodate their needs.

Homes incorporate energy efficient features to save the homeowner money on their utility bills. Their tank-less water heater, for example, maintains hot water temperature. Brookfield Residential’s use of radiant barrier roof sheeting helps deflect heat so residents don’t have to use air conditioning as much. Appliances are energy-efficient, too, such as their Bosch® ENERGY STAR® rated dishwasher. Brookfield homes are built to meet the standards of California Title 24 and include third-party inspections to ensure the homeowner that their home is helping the environment all while saving them some money, too.

“Brookfield Residential Properties will be the sixth largest residential platform in North America, with the financial strength and geographic diversity needed to thrive in the marketplace, both today and in the future,” Alan Noris, President and Chief Executive Officer of Brookfield Residential, said.

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