Burns Single-Family Rent Index™: New Lease Effective Rents Up 6% YOY in September 2021

According to The Light, Burns Single-Family Rent Index, Demand for single-family rental homes remains strong.

US single-family effective rents grew 6% YOY in September 2021, showcasing continued growth for this asset class. The US Burns Single-Family Rent Index™ (BSFRI) is the US roll-up based on a weighted average of the 63 single-family rental markets we track across the country.

We cover 63 markets in our single-family rental research and are in the process of adding more than 30 secondary and tertiary markets due to client demand. We also cover and analyze the single-family rental REITs (SFR REITs), who have all reported even faster rent growth in 3Q21.

Rising home prices paint a rosy backdrop for the single-family rental sector as prices are likely pricing out some would-be home buyers. 

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