California governor: We’re not spending more on low-income housing because it’s too expensive to build

Gov. Jerry Brown delivered the same message on housing in his new state budget that he did last year: California’s primary problem is that it’s too expensive to build here. “We’ve got to bring down the cost structure of housing and not just find ways to subsidize it,” Brown said in a news conference Tuesday where he unveiled the budget. Brown proposed no new funding for low-income housing subsidies in the budget and said he wouldn’t support any housing legislation that would increase budgetary spending. Citing lower state revenues and uncertainty surrounding federal dollars, Brown also axed the $400 million he had agreed to spend on low-income housing subsidies last year if lawmakers signed off on the governor’s plan to streamline some local development regulations. Instead, Brown made clear he would again support new laws that would make it easier to build new homes, lower costs to develop low-income housing and provide financial incentives for cities that meet housing production goals.


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