CertainTeed – OPTIMA MidFloor

OPTIMA® MidFloor: Fire Protection – Acoustic Performance – Easier Install

Installing OPTIMA in midfloor applications provides high-quality fire protection and sound blocking in one easy-to-install solution. This noncombustible insulation meets NFPA 13 standard requirements, allowing it to be used in interstitial/midfloor spaces in conjunction with sprinklers or to replace sprinklers in residential, multi-family, commercial and hotel buildings five stories or less.

While batt insulation can also meet the requirements, OPTIMA is the smarter choice. Because it’s blown in, it’s easier to install, which saves labor while creating a continuous blanket that helps maintain consistent temperatures and block between units.

OPTIMA: Fire Protection

OPTIMA is a naturally noncombustible, premium fiber glass blowing insulation specifically designed for faster installs. Its versatility allows it to fit any size cavity, around any infrastructure, with less labor required than batts – making it the ideal substitute for sprinklers.

OPTIMA can also be installed in conjunction with sprinklers, providing an additional level of fire protection – and peace of mind – for projects like schools and residential buildings.

Quicker, Easier, Less Expensive
• Meets NFPA 13 standard for sprinkler substitution
• Installs quickly and easily compared to sprinklers
• Increases aesthetic appeal – no sprinklers poking out
of the ceiling, no fear of leaks
• Costs 25% less to install than sprinklers, with no annual
maintenance costs
• Provides “extra mile” fire protection when used in
addition to sprinklers

OPTIMA: Superior Acoustical Performance

OPTIMA maximizes acoustical benefits by filling all voids completely. Batts tend to leave gaps where sounds can transmit.

And compared to no insulation in the midfloor, OPTIMA makes a night and day difference. It improves the STC rating by 14 points – meaning it cuts the apparent volume of airborne sounds in half.

OPTIMA: Simple and Easy
OPTIMA provides complete, uniform coverage in even the most complex midfloor areas. Installing OPTIMA is faster and significantly less labor intensive – which translates into labor and cost savings.
• No need to double up on batt layers
• Single sku vs. multiple batt skus
• Fills all voids quickly and completely, unlike batts
• No need to cut around ductwork, wiring, plumbing or
irregular framing
– Saves labor and eliminates wasted fiber glass scraps
• Provides complete, uniform coverage, even in complex areas
• Great for retrofits


At CertainTeed, we believe in a higher level of comfort. We believe in Complete Comfort, where your insulation system successfully controls thermal performance, air tightness, moisture management, and acoustics. That’s why we offer the most complete line of insulation products that work together to ensure every building achieves Complete Comfort.


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