COC Architecture Teacher Brings Sustainability to Projects

John Turturro, an architect and professor of Architecture and Interior Design at COC, has won numerous awards for his work in green building and is a strong advocate for sustainability. Turturro was hired in 2008 by the award-winning Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, to design and build a beach house that he and his family could enjoy, which would optimize green systems and embrace sustainability.

The home was completed in 2013 and was over 90 percent sustainable. It won Green Home of the Year by the United States Green Building Council for 2013 and the Builder’s Association Award for its design and use of sustainable materials. “The work for the Three Palms Project, Bryan Cranston’s LEED Platinum home, picked up a lot of accolades for its design and its use of sustainable materials and systems,” said Turturro. It was featured in Dwell on Design magazine, Cambria Style magazine, and several local publications. It received international coverage in Great Britain, South America, and Russia. It was also featured on Real Green, a cable TV Series. “This project was the feather in my hat. All my career span over 30 years, I have moved towards sustainable and green design and wanted a project like this that was high profile showcased green systems, materials and technologies and was educational as well. This project achieved all that and largely because of the dedication, diligence, creativity and sponsorship of of our boss Bryan Cranston,” he said.


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