Combining Luxury Living with Eco-Minded Methods

Los Angeles-based Prime Five Homes is a real estate development and renovation firm that is inspired by eco-friendly living and innovative luxury

By Carina Calhoun

Photography by The Sunset Team

Including sustainable building solutions into new home construction is not a new concept. Believe it or not, there are still those who assume an eco-friendly home, especially if certified, looks a lot like a modular makeshift design and lacks in craftsmanship and quality. Los Angeles-based Prime Five Homes is dispelling those misconceptions within their luxury developments in Southern California.

Since 2007, Prime Five Homes has specialized in residential construction and home remodeling while seamlessly blending modern design with eco-friendly features. The company targets the eco-minded and luxury home buyer.

“Our profound understanding of the real estate market allows us to pursue innovative projects of the highest value, and our unique development process allows us to create valuable assets, better serving the interests of communities,” said Mayer Dahan, CEO of Prime Five Homes. “Our team creates successful developments that not only meet the needs of the client, but also take into consideration the future of the project.”

At the forefront of the sustainability movement in Los Angeles, California, Prime Five Homes is demonstrating this philosophy through its trademarked “Eco-Mod” concept. “Our developments are the first in their neighborhoods to exceed standard ‘green’ and quality-control credentials,” stated Dahan. “That being said, we have trademarked the term Eco-Mod, which seamlessly blends modern design with eco-friendly features.” As its name suggests, integration is at the heart of an Eco-Mod home. It represents a style of living that is efficient, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly, while also being exclusive and luxurious, incorporating the highest quality materials, most innovative technologies, and trendsetting design and architectural features.

“Eco-Mod design offers homeowners a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. It speaks to the insightful individual who seeks an environmentally-friendly culture without compromising on luxury. The revolutionary design style strives to reshape the future of residential housing in Southern California,” explained Dahan.

The commitment to environmentally sustainable living methods began naturally for the firm, according to Dahan. “When we started working in West Hollywood, there was a nudge from the city and from clients to be more green. Although the new methods were met with resistance from other developers, we saw a great chance to get a running start,” said Dahan. “We have always been cognizant of environmentally-friendly technology, but we have expanded to having an entirely eco-conscious home by installing water capture systems, energy efficient appliances and lighting, solar panels, energy usage efficiency technology, recycled materials, and more.”


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