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Attain curb appeal for a multi-family community with picturesque design elements

By Bob Etebar

The ETCO Homes solution for over 25 years has been to supply luxury residential offerings in highly desirable locations. Especially in areas like Beverly Hills, curb appeal is paramount. ETCO goes to great lengths to ensure that our communities fit into the fabric of the neighborhoods with high-quality design, premium materials and top-of-the-line finishes. In a city known for beauty, ETCO Homes delivered a community whose beauty is truly as stunning as its surroundings.

Beverly Hills 90210, the internationally recognized zip code, has proven to be a preferred location for homebuilders for a myriad of reasons. The location carries a tremendous value for the international buyer, and is considered a safe haven for investors to park dollars. Perhaps even more reputable than the location’s financial strength is the city’s renowned image. With great schools and local civic services, amazing weather, nearby entertainment, dining, and, of course, shopping, the iconic “Beverly Hills” is a status symbol: where one wants to be. ETCO Homes has identified Beverly Hills as the ideal location, offering buyers the opportunity to protect a portion of their assets at a highly competitive price point with demand that remains high through market uncertainty.

For example, 460 Palm brings to life many of these ideas. In addition to its desirable address, 460 Palm offers picturesque design elements to match the neighborhood’s aesthetic. The exterior elevations are an upbeat contrast of colors in block contemporary form that use metal trim, varied color stone, and contemporary railing and shading devices. Our vision was to complement the exterior architecture with an engaging outdoor space in a vertical setting. We accomplished this by creating extra large verandas and three-sided glass walls that provide transparency throughout. These seamless indoor-outdoor spaces for each residence welcome expanded views of the city, foothills and more. What makes this so special is the view from the interior, and once the pocket sliding doors disappear, the veranda blends with the interior and becomes an inviting, cozy, and inspiring sense of place, generating a “wow” in every residence.

The outdoor verandas with indoor-outdoor living space and disappearing pocket sliding doors are one of the most impressive design features. By providing windows and doors on multiple sides of verandas, and a very distinct open railing on the exterior edge, then all adjoining rooms to the verandas expand their space both physically and visually, and delivers a greater openness for outdoor living. Additionally, verandas are recessed into the building so as to not be projecting off the building, and are designed to be covered and protected for an inspirational area to retreat to. This is a design driven space, to be highly livable and functional, but a market feature that is not fully integrated and realized in many mid-rise developments today. Our thoughts were why not provide that unexpected “surprise” and “wow” space that gives more to an owner living above street level.

Another favorite is the color and material use of burnished stone, metal trim and shading devices articulated throughout the exterior facades, and presents itself as a very articulated contemporary project. However, the main aspect is luxury. One has the option as a buyer to purchase a residence with a keyed elevator, private deck and luxury spaces that include indoor–outdoor living above the street level. Another aspect is the location. The project is on the corner of North Palm Drive and Civic Center Drive, with direct view into the adjacent greenbelt across Civic Center Drive that provides tremendous open space and visual separation for the project. For those living at 460 Palm, the location is a valuable and inspiring part of the luxury lifestyle. Buyers must agree. Before officially opening, the community is nearly 80 percent sold out.

The path to growth and prosperity for the homebuilder is quite the same as any other enterprise, but design and finishing touches are what makes a homebuilder a legacy. The scenery and high standards of Beverly Hills are contributing factors to its charm, and ETCO Homes’ focus on curb appeal at 460 Palm allows the community to blend flawlessly into its gorgeous neighborhood. Much like its resident city, the comfort and luxury of 460 Palm will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

• The outdoor verandas with indoor-outdoor living space and disappearing pocket sliding doors are one of the most impressive design features

• Design and finishing touches are what makes a homebuilder a legacy

Bob Etebar is the Principal and COO for ETCO Homes. He may be reached at

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