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Ashton Woods Homes Predicts 2022 Trends

Designers at Ashton Woods Homes offer their predictions for next year’s top trends in the homebuilding industry.

Here is what Ashton Wood Homes predicts will be the top new trends for the homebuilding industry.

Going Green: How to Add this Natural Color to Your Home

With so much more time being spent inside over the last year and a half, many homeowners are looking for a splash of color to brighten their interiors. However, bold color choices in the home might present challenges. What color to select? How bold is too bold? How do you know if the color chosen is too dramatic or not dramatic enough?

Ashton Woods speaks to one of the hottest trending colors of the new year — one that helps bring a reminder of our outside world, in. Shades of green help introduce that natural element to inside spaces while giving homeowners endless ways to add visual interest to their space.

Is The Formal Dining Room Coming Back?

As many people incorporate more work and school activities from home moving forward, many homeowners are finding that they need more horizontal workspace to make room for everything — which is manifesting itself as a resurgence of the new formal dining room. This is the “new” dining room as the old, stuffy formal dining room is gone and replaced with personalized solutions to maximize today’s homeowner’s space. Ashton Woods speaks to how — and why — we may be seeing the return of the formal dining room and how homeowners can make the most of this space in their home.

Your Oasis: What to Add to the Owner’s Suite That Makes it Paradise

With current design trends focused on kitchens and open-concept living spaces, much of the focus has shifted away from bedrooms — especially the owner’s suite. However, this shouldn’t be the case. With a greater focus on work from home, now more than ever the owner’s suite should offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle of life. The Director of Design for Ashton Woods speaks to what homeowners should look for in a bedroom that will offer them the highest level of relaxation and respite from their busy day.

Change it Up: How Texture Can Change the Look of Your Home

Whether it be balancing chrome and wood, velvet and driftwood or black and chrome, mixing textures and colors is an easy and visually interesting way to change up the look of your home, especially as the holidays roll around. But how can homeowners add this visual excitement without making their home busy and overwhelming – or worse, like a bad holiday movie? Ashton Woods speaks to how homeowners can spice up their home furnishings.

Serenity and Simplicity: The Beauty of a Simple Kitchen

For buyers selecting a new home, small cabinets may often seem like a detracting factor. But what they don’t know is that a simple kitchen – when coupled with good design – can enrich their lives and even make their whole house run more smoothly. How? Ashton Woods Homes has these design must-haves to combine household bustle and kitchen simplicity.

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