Disaster Shelters as Unique Options

As winter goes into full stride and the weather gets wild, there is an answer that even creates a unique opportunity for builders and contractors
By Ron Hubbard

Looking across the landscape of an ever-changing housing market, home builders are being asked to find solutions for a wide range of customer requests. When you couple today’s demanding customer with a host of motivating factors like increasing severe weather patterns, global conflicts and turbulent US political landscapes, we start to understand why one of today’s top trending requests is increased security solutions inside the home.

The demand for safe rooms, panic rooms and fallout shelters is on the rise and new products on the housing market are answering the call for added security. For example, there is the BombNado. The BombNado comes intact and at a reasonable price considering it’s basically plug and play, at a starting price of $18,999 that includes a Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) air filtration system.

The BombNado combines the safety of a tornado shelter with the dependability and sustainability of a fallout shelter. Installed 15’ deep, its bolt-together, modular design is built from sturdy steel and engineered to be FEMA compliant. The BombNado bridges a vast gap in the market between the masses that want a high quality shelter and the few that could afford the $100,000 or more price tag typically associated with fallout shelters. Five sizes range from 8’x8’ to 8’x20’ and its features include comfortable fold down couches and beds, ample storage under the floor, electrical outlets, lighting, a FEMA compliant steel hatch door and the NBC air filtration system with blast valves.

The shelter is typically installed and concealed beneath the home’s foundation and it can be easily retro-fitted for existing homes. It truly is the perfect security solution for that special client on a budget and can be a unique option offering that sets your product apart from the competition

It’s an opportunity for contractors everywhere in addition to homebuilders. Ideally, anyone with excavation equipment would be a perfect candidate. Home builders, pool contractors, septic contractors, excavation companies, slab contractors, and even landscape contractors are all great fits to immediately start selling and installing BombNado’s to both new homes or retro-fit existing homes.

Ron Hubbard is the President of Atlas Survival Shelters. To learn more, visit www.bombnado.com.

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