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Welcome to our March issue of Builder and Developer magazine. We’re well on the way to the end of the first quarter of 2017 and the housing industry seems to be holding up well under a Trump administration. The homebuilding industry’s breadwinner seems to be the multi-family market. The strength in recent starts and permit numbers leads Chief Economist at NAHB, Robert Dietz, to believe multi-family production will do quite well this year and in 2018.

Confidence for the homebuilding market as a whole, though, continues to fall. In February, confidence slipped two points in the NAHB’s Housing Market Index, coming in at 65, a full five points from December’s peak of 70. No one’s worried just quite yet, though. Home Depot’s sales are soaring, thanks to the housing market, and people are anticipating the dismantling of the Dodd-Frank Act that has been a hindrance on the housing market for the past eight years.

But back to this issue: we’re exploring kitchens, baths, and sustainable/energy-efficient projects. One of my favorites is American West Homes’ newest home model that just debuted—The Madison Model. This model home is priced in the $500s, but the amenities mirror those of homes that start in the millions, specifically to give back to that middle-class buyer. The kitchens are well-designed, and the floor plan encourages interaction, a notable trend in floor plan design.

We’re also showcasing two Nationals Gold winners: Ashton Woods’ The Studio, and Pinnacle Residential and Dahlin Group’s Miraval community. The Design Studio by AW offers premium options and pairs it with premium service, creating a design process that isn’t daunting or overwhelming. And the community of Miraval in Costa Mesa, Calif., boasts 10 homes with each exterior being empirically different despite sharing the same floor plan, achieved through materials and textures, and the vision from the architect and willingness of the builder.

LAST NOTE: Our next issue of Builder and Developer magazine is our annual 2017 Buyer’s Guide. It’s not so much a magazine as it is a valuable tool for the homebuilding industry, bringing you updated information on important homebuilding information, including a list of suppliers, architects, interior designers, and much more. We’ll be updating all that information in the weeks to come, so don’t be alarmed if you get a call from us. We encourage you to be proactive, though, and either add or update your listing via our website at www.bdmag.com on the right side bar.

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