Editor’s Note: April 2021

Dear Readers in Online and Print,

Welcome to the April issue of Builder & Developer Magazine – our annual Sourcebook. As the nation takes steps to return to normalcy, the homebuilding industry is sizzling with demand going through the roof, and bidding wars across the country. While the nation was forced indoors, our homes became our gyms, offices and schools. This forced evolution begot the want and need for freedom within the living space. 

To meet the new trends in homebuilding and design, manufacturers designed new products while also enhancing their existing products. Inside these pages, there are dozens of the top products in the industry that could elevate your builds to dazzle buyers. So I encourage you to keep this issue for the year to help inspire ideas for your next project. 

Taking a pause, but never stopping, the home building industry was also ready to accommodate homebuyers and their desires. Builders had to make the right decisions to ensure that they continued to serve customers to the best of their abilities. From emphasizing community amenities and satisfying buyers’ wants for activities, to incorporating energy-efficient smart home technologies into their designs, industry professionals listened to homebuyer demands, used new innovative products and adapted to meet the market. 

Despite the housing market strength, there is one issue that’s a cause for concern among builders. While the demand for homes may be high, the rising costs of building materials are presenting a challenge for home builders. 

National Association of Home Builders Chairman Chuck Fowke sat down with Builder & Developer Magazine to discuss how rising material costs and increased regulations are impacting the ability to build new homes. The entire industry could face struggles to continue meeting the strong demand for homes.   

Regardless, if there is one thing that the industry has demonstrated throughout the years, and specifically this past year, is its resilience and adaptability. The unpredictability of life is constant, but so is the need for collective fortitude. With the changes that have taken place already, it will be exciting to see how the industry will continue to adapt. 

As always, if you have any news or projects you would like the team here to know about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at alexa@builder.media. I hope you enjoy the issue! 


Alexa Moreno Perdomo

Assistant Editor