Florida’s Rental-Ready Sustainable Solution

Real estate developer Pinnacle Housing Group has introduced an energy-efficient, infill community that has provided rental housing to a growing Florida community.
By Evan Lancaster
Photography By Mitchell Zachs

As multifamily projects continue to drive the market, it’s easy to see builders finding success utilizing concepts of supply and demand by creating affordable, energy-efficient communities.

In February, Florida-based real estate developer Pinnacle Housing Group introduced Pinnacle at Avery Glen, a 140-unit, urban infill community. Due to its innovative design and affordable lifestyle, Pinnacle at Avery Glen has captured the attention of Broward County, in Sunrise, Fla. Complete with waterfront views, Pinnacle at Avery Glen hosts an array of luxurious amenities and boasts the Florida Green Building Coalition’s Bronze-Level certification. Timothy P. Wheat, regional vice president of Pinnacle Housing Group, explained that the main objective of this project was to develop Pinnacle at Avery Glen in an area dominated by new growth that is close to employment and retail opportunities. “We sought to develop this site in the growing urban and exurban corridor to provide quality, affordable, rental housing in proximity to this growth and major employers,” Wheat said.

Due to a focus on affordability and energyefficient housing, Pinnacle Housing Group made obtaining a residence within this neighborhood an easy and an economically-sensible choice – with rental units starting below $800 per month. As sustainable building practices become more common among residential developments, the Housing Group’s vision of Pinnacle at Avery Glen saw an opportunity to showcase new technology in a multifamily setting – not only in construction and third-party certification, but in aspects of curb appeal as well. “We wanted to create a whole new generation of Pinnacle product that surpassed our best in class approach to design and sustainability.” Wheat explained. He continued, “Therefore, we used a new generation of high-quality improvements, such as 50-year metal roofs and solid-surface countertops which are not commonly seen in affordable housing.”

Wheat also mentioned that although Pinnacle at Avery Glen was certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition, the use of on-site enhancements added a sense of ecoconsciousness to the community’s exterior. The use of advanced landscaping techniques featuring non-evasive plant species and green methods helped Pinnacle at Avery Glen also become certified by the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program (FYN), a program dedicated to educating the public on eco-conscious gardening practices. Wheat commented, “We also sought to make the site improvements environmentallyfriendly with native plants and green methods, and consequently, received the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods certification.” By developing and maintaining what Wheat refers to as a, “true partnership approach” between the developers – Pinnacle Housing Group, the city of Sunrise and Broward County – the relationship enabled this project to overcome obstacles early on. Wheat attributed early challenges to regulatory issues and strict expenditure requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. However, through a manicured affiliation with the city of Sunrise and Broward County, “…[The team] moved the development through in record setting time, with no loss of quality,” Wheat said.

With floor plans ranging from 758 to 1,179 square feet and rental units starting at $777 per month, Pinnacle at Avery Glen has several different options for residents to choose from. The 140-units are housed in six separate buildings, with 36 one-bedroom, one-bathroom garden apartments; 68 two-bedroom, twobathroom floor plans; and the additional 36 units as a three-bedroom, three bathroom product.

Due to a critical demand in the area for rental housing, 20 percent – 28 units – in Pinnacle at Avery Glen have been dedicated to low-income housing, which is based on median income, starting at $324 per month.

Considering the amount of recognition Pinnacle Housing Group received for Pinnacle at Avery Glen, Wheat specified what set the development apart from other communities in the surrounding areas. He explained that there are several aspects that made this project a success. “There is no one thing – but many. The curb appeal is equal or better to market rate multifamily housing, both rental and homeownership,” he explained. “The access and availability to transit and employment is superior. Our approach to design and sustainability took our product to new heights.”

Thanks to effective marketing techniques and well-rounded concept of what the developer wanted to offer the community, this project has catered to the needs of Sunrise residents and is 100 percent leased. Lastly, Wheat expressed that he viewed the development of Pinnacle at Avery Glen as more of a group effort and said this project showcased what a team can accomplish when they share the same cohesive goal. “The partnership relationship between the public and private sectors challenged everyone involved and proved that we can bring the best out of each other when we work effectively as a team,” he said.

Evan Lancaster is assistant editor of Builder and Developer. He may be contacted at elancaster@penpubinc.com.

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