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Healthy Home Take Control Podcast — 03: Clean Air with Bill Hayward

In this episode, Jillian and Marla have a dialogue with Bill Hayward of Hayward Score and Hayward, a 100-year-old California lumber and building material supplier. You will discover the best ways to remove toxins, dust and even viruses, like COVID-19, to improve your indoor air quality and health. Learn how your home stacks up to over 80,000 others by taking the 10-minute Hayward Score.

When problems arise in the home, many of us tend to sweep it under the rug. What many of us don’t realize, is the real impact having a clean home has on our health. Today’s guest, Bill Hayward is a building scientist and healthy living specialist. 

In this interview, Bill shares his story of living in a “sick house” and how it inspired him to help people better regulate their homes. Tune into this episode for tips on how to minimize cooking fumes, reduce exposure, and enhance the air flow in your home. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What inspired Bill to become a building scientist 
  • Why Bill and his family had to move out of their dream home 
  • Bill shares his story building his own clean home 
  • How Bill has reduced risk at home with HEPA filters during COVID 19
  • How Bill’s background has provided him with the knowledge to build clean homes
  • Most common issues we see with air in homes and how to fix it 
  • Simple ways to combat issues that arise in homes 
  • What is a crawl space and what problems can arise 
  • Issues that arise in kitchens from unnecessary fumes 
  • The benefits of having a closet exhaust 
  • How to remove COVID from the circulating air 
  • Why every small change matters when cleaning out homes 
  • Getting rid of chemicals in your home 
  • Candle etiquette with Jillian 
  • Bill’s favorite movies and books about living in a healthier environment 


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