A Higher Standard for Infill Development

David Weekley’s Central Living debuts its newest infill project with award winning design and location savvy

By Sergio Flores

Photography by Merrick Ales

Everyone knows about Silicon Valley. The $777,000 average detached new single-family home price in San Jose tells us that that cat’s long been out of the bag. But how familiar are you with Silicon Hills? If the name doesn’t ring any bells and you’ve a stake in the home building industry, you should get familiar, and quick.

Austin is booming. Georgetown, just north of downtown Austin, was the fastest-growing city in the nation last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. New Braunfels and Pflugerville, both in close proximity, weren’t far behind in the countrywide ranking. Apple, Google, and many other tech heavy-hitters, lured by numerous advantages, but mostly the lack of corporate tax in Texas, have set up shop in or near Austin, hence the new moniker.

The actual city of Austin itself grew at a slower pace than its suburban neighbors, expanding by 2.1 percent between 2014 and 2015, which equates to the addition of 19,117 residents who raised the total population to 931,830.

Increasingly popular places of course mean shrinking supplies of developable land, hence the boom in surrounding areas. Enter infill designs in prime locations, and in particular, those attractive enough to lure even those buyers coming from out of state (of which there are many). David Weekley’s Central Living has all those bases covered with East Shore in Austin. A unique, gated community of 30 home sites just southeast of downtown, East Shore is attracting the attention of many different demographics who share a penchant for urban life.


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