Home decor trends for 2017 are all about ease, comfort

Decor trends take us on a little emotional journey every season. Some speak to how we’re feeling, some to how we want to feel. For 2017, trend spotters say we’re looking for ease and comfort. Even at the luxury end of the decor spectrum, the look is less stiff suit, more velvet smoking jacket.

‘EPHEMERAL’ “When you look at this palette, it’s a Sunday morning,” says Laurie Pressman, a vice president at the Pantone Color Institute. These delicate hues – what she and others are calling an “ephemeral” trend – evoke airiness and light. Gentle whites and chalky pastels, which gained popularity over the last year or two, now combine with darker yet soothing neutrals like marine, earth, moss and heather. Textures are soft. Woods are low-luster. “You can fall into it and relax,” says Tom Mirabile, a New York-based consumer trends expert.


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