Home-Sale Cancellations Jumped in June as Buyers Backed Away

Though there was a rise in the percentage of deals, 15% of home deals that entered contract fell through, equivalent to 60,000 homes due to rising mortgage rates.

According to Bloomberg, across the country, nearly 60,000 home sales fell through, according to an analysis by Redfin Corp. That was equal to 15% of transactions that went into contract that month, the highest share of cancellations since April 2020, when early Covid lockdowns froze the housing market.

Even in a more normal time, deals can fall through for a wide range of reasons. Mortgage applications get denied and inspections reveal the need for expensive repairs. Sometimes a buyer just gets cold feet. In June 2021, when buyers were waiving contingencies and flooding into open houses, the number of canceled transactions equaled roughly 11% of contracts entered that month.

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