These Are the Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S.

It’s a great time to sell your home if you live on the West Coast. Not so much for East Coasters.

According to data released this week by real estate website Zillow, San Francisco and San Jose are the nation’s two hottest housing markets. The coldest housing market: Baltimore. To do the study, Zillow looked at how long the average house was listed in major cities in the U.S. and what percentage of listings had price cuts. Houses in San Francisco averaged 51 days on the market, and only 5.4% of the homes listed there had to cut their price before finding a buyer. That compares to 90 days nationwide, with 9.4% of all listings getting marked down. In San Jose, houses only stayed on the market for 50 days, but buyers were slightly more likely to have to lower their price.


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