How to Effectively Market Your Real Estate Company in 2021

When it comes to real estate marketing, it can be tricky trying to figure out whether to go the tried and tested route or explore something new. After all, you can’t get any more brick-and-mortar than a literal house. However, as we linked to previously in our Builder and Developer newsletter, more and more home marketing tactics involve going digital.


With so much of the current real estate market dependent on the virtual sphere, it’s past time for real estate companies to start improving their digital marketing. Here are a few tips for doing just that, in time for 2021.


Maximize the Digital Sphere


According to the National Association of Realtors Research Group, around 80% of millennials found their homes on a mobile device. This proves that there’s a new approach to buying and renting property— an approach that’s centered on convenience and accessibility.


To make the most of this, you need to make sure that your listings are all updated, both on your website and other platforms. They should be well photographed, easy to find, and easy to understand. Customers appreciate it when you go the extra mile, so make sure that you’re providing as much information as they need. You can even include video tours of the property on your listing, for example, which helps cut down on time and increases convenience for your clients.


Personalize Your Marketing


It’s long been a known fact that personalized marketing is one of the most effective strategies around, but it’s pretty hard to overstate just how much. Statista reports that 90% of U.S. consumers find personalized content and marketing appealing, which makes it no question why it’s become the industry standard.


With so much competition in the real estate market, a personal touch can often spell the difference between a client choosing your company’s services or another’s. You should be able to make every client feel like they’re your only client— make sure that your emails don’t give off that ‘automated’ feel, and be sure to be attentive to their needs and preferences. While this can take a bit of extra effort, the returns are well worth it.


Combine Strategies


Sometimes the most effective way to capture your customers’ attention is to make sure that they know where to find you both on and offline. The more visible you are in your market’s lives, the more likely it is that they’ll turn to your company when they need to make a real estate decision.


Triadex Services advising taking a combined approach to real estate marketing because it will help enhance your real estate business. For example, you can use direct mail materials like catalogs and postcards to advertise your services. These materials can redirect your customers to contact you through your website, and vice versa. The more diversified your marketing approach, the more professional and accessible your real estate company seems, making it a win-win for everyone involved.


Make Use of New Technologies


While buying a home may seem like it’s something that’s squarely in the realm of the physical, that’s not entirely true. There are a ton of different digital tools and techniques that realtors and real estate companies can use to improve customer experience. For example, we talked briefly about virtual tours above. You can go the extra mile and even try making use of AR/VR technology so clients feel like they’re in the property themselves.


The Internet of Voice (IoV), also known as voice search, is also pretty essential for modern marketing. You can insert more long-tail voice search keywords and conversational language in your on-page content to ensure that your website is easier to find, as well as optimize pages for mobile viewing. ALT text descriptors are also pretty important, especially if your listings are image-heavy. Many of your clients will be on the go in this new digital age, and you need to make sure you’re there to meet them.

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