How to Market Outdoor Living for Your Specific Audience

Marketing homes to specific buyer personas will help increase your sales


Marketing efforts for homebuilders seem to shift at light speed. You have heard all the “requirements” of a good marketing program: you should be blogging, you need to send emails, you should be posting on social media, you should be sharing videos… The list never seems to end.

What is not talked about in most marketing circles is how to create meaningful content for the right audience. Ideally, you can picture exactly who you are writing to so you can answer their specific questions and pain points.


What to Know About Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a fictional portrayal of your ideal clients. It is a generalized representation of whom you are selling to, and knowing these personas is critical to creating meaningful content, developing your sales process, and so much more.

Building out your buyer personas does not have to be difficult. It requires some careful consideration up front. But once you understand who you want to sell to, then the rest of your marketing objectives become much clearer.

Try this quick exercise. Picture your favorite clients to work with over the past 18 months and see if you can answer these questions about them:

  • What is their background? (Ex. job title, marriage status, number of kids, etc.)
  • What are their demographics? (Ex. income level, education level, gender, age, etc.)
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their objectives and goals? How do they spend their time?

As you identify common trends among your ideal buyer personas, you will be able to develop your semi-fictional characters.


Targeting Buyer Personas in Marketing

Some of the most common personas for homebuilders are often by age. Different generations are at different stages in their lifecycle, and they are looking for a different outcome when buying a house.

Each of these common personas consumes their information very differently. Here are a few key considerations when marketing to these common demographics:


Retirees: Most retirees are looking to downsize and looking for homes that meet specific needs. Messaging to share on your website or in your email communications to target this demographic should include:

• Larger text aids allow easier reading at a glance.

• Images with older adults allows them to picture themselves in your homes.

• Content that can answer questions about what to include in a home for those retiring (such as designing exterior plans with wider door frames, accessibility, etc.).

• Your phone number should be readily available because this generation still tends to prefer calling to searching online for more information.


Middle-aged adults: This age demographic has several important considerations and challenges around which to develop messaging. Here are a few key considerations:

• Their kids are growing and they are looking for homes that will grow with their family.

• They likely have purchased a home before and are not starting at square one in their research.

• A common decision maker could be a stay-at-home parent who is sick of a layout that is not working anymore.

• Another common decision maker is the parent who works, attends sports practices and PTA meetings, and barely has enough time to keep their current outdoor living space up to date.

• This demographic frequently does the majority of their research online. This means you should include plenty of information about cost, home design tips, build timelines, and more so that they are able to qualify themselves before ever even contacting you.


Millennials: This age demographic is beginning to buy homes (finally)! A few key considerations around your marketing messaging for millennials includes:

• The majority of research millennials do is online. They will not call you until they are 90 percent (or more) self-qualified.

• According to a 2017 report, single and childless millennials consider the needs of their pets when buying a house. Market any pet-friendly materials or outdoor living space tips you have!

• Social media is a powerful way to engage with and educate this demographic.


Building out these buyer personas are a great jumpstart to creating a better sales funnel – from your marketing content, social media, and email messaging, all the way down to your sales follow ups!

Often, finding your SQLs is just a matter of marketing to the right people in the first place. Know your target audience and create content with them in mind, and they will come.


Danielle Russell is the Inbound Marketing Director at Builder Funnel. She is passionate about building killer lead generation machines for her clients through inbound marketing. To learn more, visit

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