How to style your entryway

Fall has a way of reminding us how much stuff we have. Jackets and bookbags and soccer cleats join the dreaded front door pile, soon followed by snow boots and scarves and mittens. Which is a shame, because the humble entryway has long been walked all over. Tired of hunting through a stack of junk mail to find your keys? Follow these designer tips. As a high-traffic area that introduces your home, the entryway is a delicate balance of form and function. But first thing’s first — that tangle of umbrellas and dog leashes need to go. “Most of us struggle with the issue of the ‘drop-spot’ upon entering the home,” says Carol Grundy, creative partner at interior design firm Homeesque. “Remember, clutter is consuming for you and your guests. First impressions are everything.” Baskets are an easy, affordable way to make piles more palatable, and if space allows, a bench with storage is an ace shoe solution.


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