Hudson Housing Authority looks to bring more housing downtown

The Hudson Housing Authority, which owns and operates Bliss Towers, is working on a plan to build a 40-unit housing facility on a half-acre across the street from the high-rise. So far the proposal, which is being worked out, includes a plan for mixed-use and mixed-income affordable housing. The property is owned by the Hudson Housing Authority, which is located in Bliss Towers at 41 North 2nd St. Officials are looking at creating affordable housing for residents who meet the 30 percent area median income up to 130 percent of the area median income, Hudson Housing Authority Executive Director Timothy Mattice said. That would include seniors, families on fixed incomes, families working low-paying jobs or professionals in entry-level positions, Mattice said. “We want to offer to as much of a diverse population as possible,” Mattice said.


Source: Hudson Valley 360

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