Indoor Air Quality and Interior Design Woes Have One Solution

Common house plants are surprisingly efficient at removing pollutants from indoor air, as well as providing a pop of color and life to interior decorations. A chemist at the State University of New York at Oswego Vadoud Niri presented research supporting the effectiveness of house plants on removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society on Wednesday. Niri was inspired by a trip to a nail salon with his wife where the smell of VOCs overwhelmed him. “Buildings, whether new or old, can have high levels of VOCs in them, sometimes so high that you can smell them,” Niri said in a release. “Inhaling large amounts of VOCs can lead some people to develop sick building syndrome, which reduces productivity and can even cause dizziness, asthma or allergies. We must do something about VOCs in indoor air.”


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