Lawrenceville seeks affordable housing amid building boom

The Lawrenceville Corp. is securing six properties at the neighborhood’s most iconic gateway — Doughboy Square — in an effort to build affordability into the robust building scene there. It recently purchased the former Wilson’s Bar-B-Que at 3404 Penn Ave., which abuts a corner lot at Penn and 34th Street that it bought in 2002, “before any of this was happening,” said Ed Nusser, the organization’s land use coordinator. As he spoke, Mr. Nusser swept his arms to indicate the cranes, hard hats and beeping trucks in the blocks around Doughboy Square, at the junction of Butler Street and Penn Avenue. Matthew Galluzzo, executive director of the Lawrenceville Corp., said they support the market rate developments “for the tax base, to bring amenities to the neighborhood, filling vacant holes with new life, all very important.”


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