A Look At The Markets Impacted By Hurricane Irma

Mother Nature turned the lives upside-down for residents of two of the most populous states. Texas is still dealing with the repercussions of Hurricane Harvey, and businesses are gradually getting back on track. Look for our follow up on this in an upcoming blog. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma brought her destructive force to Florida over the weekend, placing a third of the population under mandatory evacuation. Schools, shops, and businesses closed down mid-week to allow residents to evacuate with enough time. Many builders in Florida displayed banners on their websites highlighting closures from Thursday into early this week. We send our thoughts to those affected by these disastrous storms, including our team in Florida. We are working around the clock to keep our clients informed about who and what will be most effected in the wake of the storm.


As of Monday morning, Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm, but that doesn’t change the damage she caused across the state and throughout the southeastern US. The hurricane threw a curve ball when it unexpectedly turned towards the west, requiring residents to act fast to prepare. The wind and torrential rain pummeled the entire state, causing roughly 7 million residents to lose power (about a third of the entire state’s population). There were even spin-off tornadoes in places like Orlando.


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