Luxury Homebuilding in Nevada

By Stephanie Ornelas

Blue Heron is a luxury homebuilder and designer that exudes luxury and class. Created in 2004, this family owned and operated business made it a point to have their projects define luxury. The company came about when the Las Vegas natives came together to pursue their passion for outstanding architectural design and quality craftsmanship. This fatherand- son-team believes that in order to be successful, they must personally be involved with every part of the home building process. Honoring their roots in the community and a family reputation for excellence in Southern Nevada, Blue Heron’s owners understand that honesty, integrity and overall homeowner satisfaction is the foundation for success. Exceptional architectural design, superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service are Blue Heron’s commitment to each of its new and existing residents. According to Blue Heron’s philosophy, open, integrated living.

“The design reinforces living in the desert through an incorporation of indoor and outdoor living environments. This fully connected concept begins in the front entry, as the koi pond is a linking mechanism from the front of the home to the rear,” said Tyler.

Jones, Principal for Blue Heron. Tyler Jones is responsible for creative design development, operations and oversees sales and marketing at Blue Heron. A fourth generation Nevadan, Jones has a passion for green building and cutting edge contemporary design, Jones incorporates both in every home and that includes the Unger residence.

Jones explained how in the atrium, there is an intimately scaled living planter. It becomes another connection between the two living areas.
As a luxury homebuilder, it must be understood that it is a process and in order to build something great, there are obstacles that stand in your way. “The biggest constraint became the wing- shape of the lot. The prevailing winds out of the west could have been a struggle on this site,” Jones said. That didn’t stop Blue Heron. According to Jones, they “used it as an opportunity to build around it and to celebrate the elements harmoniously.”

With the use of an original louver design, solar gain was minimized and the day lighting is heavily celebrated. As the shape of the site determined the floor plan, Blue Heron used the same concept of abstract angles for the elevations, which became the utmost unique amongst others.

“I am very pleased with the outcome,” Jones said. “We built a personal relationship with the owners and that relationship still stands today. It’s important for us to keep this going with all our clients and customers.” Blue Heron puts extensive thought into the places they build. Henderson is one of those places. In 2006, Money magazine placed Henderson in its Top Twenty Best Places to Live in the United States. With 260,000 residents, Henderson is the second largest city in Nevada. Luckily for the Unger residence, Henderson has 30 elementary schools serving the area, with 23 inside the city limits. There are nine Junior High Schools, nine High Schools and three Universities including the Community College. Henderson is home to one of the best school systems in the valley and there are currently 12 additional tracts of land set aside to build more schools in the near future.

The Water Street Project is part of the plan to redevelop Henderson’s downtown area.

Wider sidewalks, new streetlights and crosswalks equipped with audio speakers, improved landscaping and new benches and trash cans are all part of the new city plan.
The Pittman Wash carries floodwaters from the mountains to Lake Mead. Riparian vegetation helps purify the water by removing sediments, reduces the risk of flooding, and helps maintain a healthy habitat for other plants and animals. The city of Henderson also implemented ‘Project Green,’ to restore the natural habitat of the Pittman Wash. If the project is successful, the city will create new trails for where residents can hike and enjoy the natural scenery, a plus for future homebuyers.

What is it about Blue Heron that sets them apart as a luxury homebuilder? They put themselves in the buyer’s shoes and strive to create homes that they personally would want to live in. Taking the extra step to provide adequate training to build their team, frequent on-site inspections, and individual attention to each project are things Blue.

Heron does to make sure they are satisfying the needs of their clients. As builders of luxury homes, Blue Heron works to get to know the family about to purchase each and every project.

As a result, Blue Heron has been recognized with over 18 prestigious awards. In addition, Blue Heron was selected by the National Association of Homebuilders to serve as the architect, interior design and builder of the 30th Anniversary New American showcase at the International Builders Show in January 2013. “We take care to use top materials and products that not only have the best appearance, but also require the least amount of upkeep and repair, thus adding to the luxurious quality of life we endeavor to provide our clients,” said Jones.

By instilling fresh thinking and refined design into the building process, Blue Heron is creating exciting new options for Las Vegas homebuyers.

Stephanie Ornelas is an editor at Builder and Developer. She may be reached at

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