Maracay Homes’ 10-Step Plan to Improved Customer Ratings

10 steps Maracay Homes followed that helped improve their “Willingness to Recommend” rating from a 73 percent at the beginning of the year, to an 85 percent by the end


Since starting the Eliant customer experience management process a bit over a year ago, our scores on the “Key Measures Index” have improved from 79 percent to 86 percent, a dramatic first year improvement. Although I recognize that all new Eliant clients improve during their first year in the program, I’ve been told that this is a stronger change than normal. We’re quite proud of that!

Here are 10 steps we followed:

1. We used Eliant’s new client onboarding services to the fullest, including investing in the Eliant on-site training and certification program for all our customer-facing team members.

2. We made extensive use of ‘TRANSPORT,’ Eliant’s web portal and auto-emailed reporting system for our managers.

3. Because survey response rate is critical, we implemented better communication (touch points) throughout the process to improve our rate. We began including laminated copies of our “Move-In” assessment (a Best Practice shared by our TRI Pointe So. Cal. Division), which our Quality Team uses at New Home Orientations to remind customers about how much we value their feedback.

4. We made use of Eliant’s staff to call non-responsive customers to remind them of the importance of our customer feedback process, which resulted in a 70 percent response rate for all of 2017.

5. All senior leaders and managers have committed to success. From the beginning, we utilized a “Customer Satisfaction High Leverage Team” to craft strategy and implement upgraded processes. Senior leaders as well as functional team leaders from ALL aspects of the business were actively involved in this successful effort. 

6. We had our team meet every 60 days to review data, monitor improvements, and, if need be, reprioritize on the fly.

7. We’ve realigned our post-closing touch-points to occur immediately prior to Eliant’s Move-In and Year-End assessments.

8. We’ve enhanced community-team relationships by instituting weekly status communication. We felt it was important to be proactive, keeping homebuyers up-to-date on the status of construction before they felt it necessary to call us for information. As a result, during 2017, we averaged a customer rating of 92 percent in Eliant’s #1 driver of willingness to refer a friend: “Pro-Active communication of construction status.”

9. We shared Eliant data with our contractors to highlight their direct impact on the overall customer experience.

10. Celebration! We take joy in recognizing our ‘Top Customer Satisfaction Performers’ twice a year at all-company meetings.

We began the year with a “Willingness to Recommend” rating of only 73 percent, but ended up with a full year rating of 85 percent. Strong improvement for sure, but not as high as we will be in 2018!

Jeff Eschliman is Vice President of Operations for Maracay Homes. He may be reached at

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