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Meristem Communities Announces Groundbreaking at Indigo, a Human-centered Neighborhood in the Greater Houston Area

Indigo stewards “front porch living” with thoughtful and holistic planning that will feature approximately 750 residential homes, a 25-acre lake, 42 acres of agriculture, and 70,000+ square feet of mixed-use commercial development upon completion, with phase one anticipated to launch in late 2023.

 Meristem Communities, a Houston-based real estate development company committed to creating Places for People™, has announced Indigo as its inaugural neighborhood projected to open its first of three phases in late 2023. Designed with an inclusive, people-first approach, Indigo will span 235 acres in Fort Bend County, Texas with a focus on creating resilient residential life, work and leisure.

“Indigo is the result of years of working, dreaming and remaining curious. We value the adage that in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,” said Clayton Garrett, partner at Meristem Communities. “We are guided by our personal experiences and no small amount of frustration trying to maintain modern, healthy lives in the suburbs while raising children, commuting to work, running endless errands – all the while trying to stay present and make meaningful and fulfilling connections with our neighbors and community. We know good neighborhood design can shift these challenges to positive outcomes that create a more equitable system that supports actual people-to-people interactions. We believe it’s the sum of a thousand small decisions that create a more engaging, more interesting, and more livable neighborhood. That’s what we’re here to do. We’re proud of our team’s effort and vision, and the synergy we’re fostering with stakeholders from the City of Richmond and Fort Bend County officials.”

Situated directly off State Highway 99, just north of US Highway 90, Indigo is surrounded by the cities of Richmond and Sugar Land, with access to major employment centers including Fortune 500 companies, arts and entertainment districts, high-performance schools, and commercial hubs. Bringing urban living to the suburbs, Indigo’s close-knit community design will allow residents to shop in their new hometown or explore the expansive options in neighboring communities. Consciously configured to maximize pedestrian safety, multiple car-free zones are planned throughout the neighborhood with special attention given to the neighborhood’s walkability. Indigo will also serve as a destination for the larger Houston region, which will be welcomed in to play, shop, eat and feel part of the neighborhood.

“We’re excited to add a human-centered neighborhood to Richmond and the greater Houston region,” said Scott Snodgrass, partner at Meristem Communities. “By focusing first on people, we know Indigo will better serve our residents by providing for much of their daily needs within a ten-minute walk. With a strong focus on providing living arrangements for all life stages and family formations, we also hope this neighborhood will reflect the rich diversity of cultural heritages that exist within our greater community.”

Indigo is the result of years of working, dreaming and remaining curious. We value the adage that in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities.” – Clayton Garrett, Partner, Meristem Communities

A Human-Centric Community Plan of Interconnectedness
Developed with a perspective that will appeal to the area’s diverse demographics, Indigo’s point-of-view is distinct and earnest, giving voice and real representation to people who may not typically have it. Human-focused planning is paramount to the decision-making process at all levels of Indigo’s developmental process, ensuring all aspects of the neighborhood are designed for humans to thrive. Knowing that people need a wide range of human and environmental interactions to live well, within Indigo these interactions are designed into the built environment in a manner that makes them a natural component of everyday life. 

Indigo will be a unified neighborhood with reverence for the land on which it’s built. More than 50% of the community will be dedicated open space with linear pedestrian parks that connect neighbors to each other and the community core. Residents will be able to accomplish much of their normal daily business by foot or bike within a quarter of a mile distance. Parks and other communal destinations within Indigo are being created as places people will want to walk to, promoting ease of mobility, decreased automobile traffic, and enhanced safety for pedestrians. 

An Eclectic Mix of Resilient Residential Homes
The home collections at Indigo will reinterpret familiar architectural styles into new forms, shapes, materials, and colors with a transitional, modern, and contemporary flair. The design philosophy facilitates a diversified mix of architecture spanning agrarian, farmhouse, ranch, and contemporary elevations.

Indigo will harmonize the home ownership and rental experiences to stimulate inclusive livability. The neighborhood will invite homeowners and renters at all stages of life, in any family composition, including modern families putting down roots in their long-term dream home, or individuals ready to embark on their next chapter of life unbound by traditional ownership structures.

In phase one, Indigo will offer eight different home product types built by homebuilder partners David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, and Empire Communities. Once complete, approximately 650 for sale homes and up to 100 rental residences will populate the neighborhood.

A Communal Commercial Experience
Anchored by Indigo Commons, the commercial core of Indigo will be as diverse as the residents and their homes. Layered into the natural landscape, Indigo Commons will include a community gathering place with café market and event space (The Barn), plaza, promenade, farm, stage and more. 

Expanding on key components of Indigo Commons, upon completion, future residents and the larger community will enjoy a curated assortment of lifestyle offerings including: 

  • Indigo Commons: Civic, retail, office, educational, and healthcare spaces are planned and will help Indigo’s residents take care of many of their usual needs and feel at home in their new community.
  • The Barn: The iconic barn structure with its unexpected Indigo color will feature a café and a market, designed to be used as a multi-purpose space that can be easily transformed so families may gather, clubs can meet, and events can be held. 
  • The Farm: Covering 42 acres, the farm operations will include crop fields, pasture for livestock and farm education opportunities. 
  • Community Parks: A collection of vehicle-free community parks will feature nature play, and interactive spaces for children to safely stay all day. 
  • Extensive pedestrian network: Integrated trails will weave throughout the community, connecting all aspects of The Commons with its surrounding residences in Indigo. 
  • Open Space: Over half of the Indigo community is dedicated to open space, welcoming residents to spend time outdoors, meet their neighbors, and feel part of the expansive lifestyle. 
  • The Lake: The 25-acre community lake will be developed as a natural ecosystem, with a special focus on serving migratory bird species and native fish populations. Swimming, fishing and kayaking will activate the lake for the community. 

For more information and updates as Indigo progresses towards its phase one grand opening anticipated for late 2023, visit   

About Meristem Communities
Meristem Communities is a Houston-based real estate development company exploring how healthy communities are developed and nourished. Established in 2021 by founding partners Clayton Garrett and Scott Snodgrass, the company believes that the best places on Earth are born when spaces are thoughtfully designed and communities are empowered to care for them. Meristem’s first neighborhood, Indigo, is currently in development in Fort Bend County, Texas with a projected phase one grand opening in late 2023. Upon completion, the 235-acre neighborhood will feature approximately 750 residential units, 42 acres devoted to agriculture, and 70,000+ square feet of mixed-use commercial development. For more information, visit

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