Meritage Spins the Future of Net-Zero

By Candice Chandler

Going green has spread like wildfire throughout all sectors of the building industry, and one of the most prominent builders in the country has developed a model home that’s designed, built, and styled with everything energy efficient. Meritage Homes and HercuWall have partnered to construct a model home that boasts net-zero energy perks in Meritage’s Del Rio community at Sedella in Goodyear, Arizona.

Described as “the home of the future,” Meritage has big plans for their stylish development that is set to save homebuyer’s big bucks on utility bills. Not only will the home of the future cut costs, it can also withstand some of Mother Nature’s more vicious natural cycles, including earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

This new model home isn’t just weather proof, it can also work to keep pests under control. Termites, a notable and alwaysinvading insect, can inflict major damage on homes who have an infestation. By combining science and innovation, Meritage has successfully designed a nearly impenetrable building envelope.

Construction of this high-performance single-family dwelling relied on HercuWall’s innovative and scientifically inspiring panelized foam-form pour-on-site concrete wall building system. Their system is stronger, tighter, and much more energy-wise than that of wood frame houses.

The building envelope of the new model of the future boasts high-performance technology made from the insulated concrete panels provided. Each panel is constructed with steel and concrete, and the seals of the house can survive climate-related hazards while also keeping pesky rodents, termites, and other pests locked out and with little incentive to break in.

The panels are so advanced that they replace field building, insulation, house wrap, under stucco black paper, and window casements. This multitasking model will be a high-performing green machine while incorporating the beautiful appearance of a classic Meritage structure.
The walls of the home come with precise door and window openings that allow for a snug fit while simultaneously working to maintain low water and air leakages. This addition can cut costs in both energy consumption as well as insurance rates for homebuyers.

While mirroring high design standards with expertly performing energy saving techniques, Meritage is taking production homebuilding to a whole different level.

Homebuyers are demanding new technologies that are included in the green trends, and the home of the future meets their needs. The home of the future can provide cash savings, which is important due to the economic benefit. Savings can be reinvested into the economy, which is why going green is picking up speed in the homebuilding industry.

Potential homeowners will benefit from a strong, healthy, and safe home that is sealed to guarantee the upmost protection from the elements while remaining affordable. The home boasts and R-value of 35 and when coupled with appropriate attic insulation, windows, and HVAC equipment can reduce energy costs by 40 to 60 percent.

The construction of this new model prompts a glimpse into the benefits of incorporating green initiatives into building practices.

Going green can make builders some profitable green, and what better incentive for buyers than walls that can withstand natural disasters while cutting costs? The beauty of the home only benefits greatly from the high performing technology of its skeleton.

Candice Chandler is an assistant editor of Builder and Developer. She may be contacted at

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