Mid-America’s Innovative Water Management Solutions Enhance and Protect Homes from Costly Damage

When buying, remodeling, or building a beautiful new home, the last thing consumers and professionals want to worry about is water seeping into the exterior and causing costly, unsightly mold damage and decay. All it takes is rain and a gap or crack around an exterior light fixture or dryer vent, and water can get behind and damage fiber cement, stucco, and wood siding and infiltrate inner walls. It’s a big risk that’s often overlooked, yet easily mitigated with economical water management solutions tailored for homes.

For superior water management on new construction and remodeled homes, The Tapco Group® offers Mid-America Siding Components® innovative SturdiMount blocks, which are secured in place before installing fiber cement, stucco, and wood cladding. Preferred in the burgeoning fiber cement siding market, SturdiMount is the first and only fiber cement mounting block to earn the “Recommended by James Hardie” logo with water management capabilities and aesthetics far exceeding other solutions, including hand-built pieces. Pre-assembled, pre-flashed SturdiMount blocks feature built-in ABS nailing flanges. Professionals can quickly install blocks out-of-the-box for finishing touches covering all exterior needs.

SturdiMount offers an easy, economical way to ensure architectural uniformity and optimum water management. SturdiMount has four unique mount profiles—Oversized, Split, Receptacle, and Universal. These solid, even, crack-proof surfaces make mounting outlets, light fixtures, vents, gas lines, and other components effortless while providing total protection against moisture, mold, and deterioration. Available in white, SturdiMount can be painted to blend with home siding colors.

For solutions compatible with all siding, including vinyl, Mid-America Water Management Blocks and Vents are essential. Installed before siding, these mount blocks feature realistic wood grain and include everything from hooded vents to recessed mounts, all with built-in channels that divert water to the front of siding and mitigate moisture retention. Mid-America also offers Standard Mount Blocks, waterproof surface mounts that are easily affixed to any siding after installation.

For ultimate protection against costly water damage, SturdiMount and other Mid-America solutions are easy, affordable ways to manage water and keep homes beautiful for life.

About The Tapco Group
Mid-America Siding Components® SturdiMount, Water Management Blocks and Vents, and Standard Mount Blocks are products of The Tapco Group®, a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, call 1-800-521-8486 or visitwww.TheTapcoGroup.com. A leading provider of easy to install, premium innovative interior and exterior products, The Tapco Group has served the building industry since 1961, specializing in the manufacturing of roofing, siding, decking, trim, tool systems, egress systems and siding components.

The products combine versatile application, durability, vast color palettes and uncommon authenticity to exceed the expectations of contractors and homeowners. The Tapco Group – Genuinely Better Building Products™.

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