Millennials head into the housing market

Millennials housing market:

Millennials are heading into the housing market. According to a Consumer Reports’ survey, almost three-quarters of Americans between 18 and 34 say they’d like to buy their own home. But high rental costs and student debt make it difficult to save for a down payment. It’s best to put 20 percent down, so you can avoid costly mortgage insurance and trim your monthly payments. Consumer Reports says there are resources to help people get low- and zero-interest loans to help with up-front costs. These programs are intended to bring people into the housing market who really have the basics in place. They just need a little extra something to get them into housing. You can find out about available programs at There, you’ll also learn about opportunities for educators, firefighters, and those in other professions. Another resource for low-to-moderate-income borrowers is a new mortgage called HomeReady. Applicants can report rent from roommates or tenants as income.


No matter how you plan to pay for your home, Consumer Reports says that the Millennials housing market for first-time buyers should make sure their credit record is as good as possible. That will help you get the best deal, no matter who your lender is. And if you are buying a first home, it is important to get unbiased help so you how much you can really afford.

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