Multifamily Trends in 2020: Size Matters

From studios to two-bedrooms, these cites have the roomiest apartments and varying price points

By Brian Carberry

Everyone loves an apartment with a little “room to breathe.” If you’ve ever lived in an extremely small apartment, you probably understand exactly why that is. But, these days, space can be hard to come by.

As rental costs increase, many new rental developments have smaller, more affordable units, but there are still large apartments out there — you just have to know where to look.

Using data from Apartment Guide research, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow brief on where the largest apartments in the U.S. are located. The data does also contrast the average rent costs with the average square footage in each of these cities.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments aren’t known for being large spaces. But, in reality, studios are heavily reliant on space to exist as livable apartments — more so than apartments with bedrooms.

Some of the largest studio apartments in the U.S. are found in California. In fact, four out of five of the cities with the largest studios are in California: Hollywood, Irvine, Long Beach, and San Jose. Studio apartments in these cities have an average square footage range of 608-723. Hollywood, CA has the largest studio apartment overall.

Texas also boasts a couple of cities with notably large studio apartments. Houston, Frisco and Fort Worth all rank 15th or higher on Apartment Guide’s compilation of cities with the largest average studio sizes.

One-bedroom apartments

Hollywood makes another appearance on the list for largest apartments. This time, not for studio apartments, but for one-bedroom apartments. Hollywood, CA is home to the fourth largest one-bedroom apartments, according to the data, with an average size of 907 square feet.

New York, surprisingly, has several cities with a large average one-bedroom apartment size. Lancaster, Schenectady, and Mineola all appear in the research. In fact, Lancaster, NY is the number one city with the largest one-bedroom apartment size.

If you’re looking for a large space on a budget, you may want to check out Columbus, GA. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $854, while the average size of a one-bedroom is an impressive 800 square feet.

Two-bedroom apartments

Renters interested in a two-bedroom apartment are likely more concerned with their space allotment than those in a studio or one-bedroom because they’re more prone to have live-in family members or other tenants occupying the apartment.

Not all two bedrooms are created equal, and in fact, there’s some significant variation in square footage in this category. According to the study, there are more than 150 cities where two-bedroom apartment sizes beat the national average, with some two-bedroom apartment sizes exceeding the size of most homes!

Based on the study, there’s not a lot of clear geographical grouping that is indicative of large two-bedroom apartments. The top three cities with the largest two bedrooms are Sheffield Village, OH, Delran, NJ and Brownsburg, IN, respectively.

One trend that’s noticeable is the presence of Florida cities with large two-bedroom apartments.

Find more house for your money

Perhaps now more than ever, space is a commodity that’s in high demand. Apartment prices are increasing and the size of the units are seemingly decreasing. While the size of an apartment does correlate with housing affordability and one’s budget, the study reveals that spacious apartments can be found, and oftentimes affordably, depending on the city.

If you’re interested in really getting the most bang for your buck, take a look at the entire Apartment Guide study. For each type of apartment — studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom — Apartment Guide included the top 50 cities in terms of highest average square footage. No cities with less than 20 registered listings on their site were included, so the data is reasonably accurate.


The rent information included in this article is based on September 2019 rental property inventory on Apartment Guide and is used for illustrative purposes only. Cities were excluded if they did not have at least 20 units in our available inventory. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.

Brian Carberry has more than 15 years of experience as a content creator and award-winning journalist. He is currently the managing editor of Apartment Guide and, and his work has been featured on CNN, Search Engine Land, Campaign Monitor, Randstad and a number of other organizations around the world.

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