Nick’s Building Supply

Nick’s Building Supply: Nick’s Building Supply is a leading door wholesaler in the United States. The company sells exterior and interior wood doors. Their innovative collection is second to none. With the most competitive prices anywhere, Nick’s Building Supply sells to individuals, contractors, builders, developers, and resellers.

Nick’s Building Supply is a leading door wholesaler in the United States. Although our business name may imply other products, we only sell wood doors. Selling exterior wood doors and interior wood doors is our specialty and we do it the best for less.

In business for over 30 years, Nicks Building Supply has positioned itself as a major wholesaler / retailer in the door industry. Our innovative collection of wood doors is second to none. Our prices are most competitive and probably the lowest anywhere. We sell to individuals, contractors, builders, developers and resellers.

We are not one of those “boiler room” operations. We are financially strong and well established. With over 120,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, and a showroom full of the “unusual,” we have been able to offer one of the largest selections of wood doors anywhere. What makes us uniquely different from our competitors is that we can build custom exterior wood doors and sidelights to fit any size opening and we stock fully assembled door systems, ready to ship NOW!

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