Publisher’s Note: December 2021

Hello Readers in print and online,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to yourself, your family and your team at work. Another tough year under our belts as the plague continues to menace, albeit more slowly as vaccinations increase and the risk diminishes. New variants complicate our progress, compelling vigilance and remind us we are not out of the woods, yet. 

The strong year for housing has slowed somewhat as we got into Q3 and Q4. The numbers are still up and builder confidence remains high. House price appreciation averaged 14 percent this year, making home owners more comfortable with their mortgages and home ownership investment strategies. Materials shortages continue, although materials prices have softened some. Inflation in general remains much higher than expected, led by dramatically increased fuel costs that have even caused a government reaction. 

The expectation is inflation will remain high, although recently re-appointed Fed Chair Jay Powell and his team will be continuously deploying every weapon in their arsenal to combat this. Whether this will include raising interest rates next year remains to be seen, although the stock market predicts that probability is high. What in turn this will do for housing is also up in the air. How far will a rise in rates reduce the interest in housing next year? One thing is certain, the government is not keen to see the country go into recession, so whatever happens next will be a finely judged moment. 

Our December Awards Edition of the magazine recognizes our Builder of the Year, Architect of the Year and Community of the Year. I would like to thank our nominating committee, Editorial Advisory Board and our Editors for their hard work, while also extending my congratulations, as well as theirs, to this year’s Pubby Award Honorees, showcased within this special issue. Great work by all concerned, well done indeed. 

We also share our Editor’s Choice recipients for products and services, as well as our 2021 Building Materials Brand Preference Survey Winners. Many thanks to the readers who took our online poll and submitted their survey responses, much appreciated. You can easily spot the 2021 brand survey winners by the Winner’s logos on their ads and messages inside the magazines. 

I am very grateful for the loyal group of advertisers whose messages grace our pages every month. 

We have been able to publish and bring you this magazine 12 times once again this year, thanks to all of these folks. We have also been able to share news and information online on the website, which celebrated its 25th birthday this year, as well as the thrice weekly e-newsletter. 

I encourage you to consider these fine firms when making your own selections for building materials, products and services for your next projects.

As we draw a line under Volume 31 of Builder and Developer and look towards next year and Volume 32, I would like to thank you for the privilege of your readership once again this year, much appreciated. 

On behalf of my lovely wife Shannon, our family and the team at Peninsula Publishing’s Builder Media, please enjoy a safe and happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year.


Nick Slevin

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