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Spring has arrived and with it the highest builder confidence level in 12 years, per NAHB. With projects on the boards and permitting activity improving nationwide, we hope you find this special Annual Buyer’s Guide edition of the magazine particularly useful for your business. This is a unique reverse directory. You can source an active manufacturer or service provider, or you can refer to our list of the top 1,000 home builders to contact. Whether you are using the digital online edition and taking advantage of the thousands of active links already built into the book, or using the large format, heavier paper stock printed version, keep it handy on either your virtual or actual desktop, for ongoing, continuous reference for the next twelve busy months. If you wish to be included in the 2018 edition, please visit the website at and update or create your complimentary builder or supplier listing.

Special thanks to all of the advertisers in this issue. Please keep these folks in mind when making your selections for partners for your next project, and remember to tell them you saw them in Builder & Developer!

Our own Net-Zero demonstration home brand,, continues with the ABC 4.0 home in Crestline, Calif. The new, mountain home at 6,600 feet presents its own unique climate challenges to our architect and engineering teams. Achieving Net-Zero is reasonably straightforward, but does require you to approach the math for the design and engineering in different ways. Both structural and MEP have significant contributions to make that will take the energy requirements of the home down considerably when practically applied during construction. For example, yesterday we were staging the ABC 3.0 home in Fullerton, Calif. for its big grand opening. We were all discussing how cool the home was inside. Outside it was 77 degrees; inside the AC was off. This comes down to the 9-inch, thick exterior wall and the framing and insulation system design. The house sips energy, and as an EPA WaterSense home, sips water, too.

We are in the process of receiving our six energy certificates. Thank you to ConSol and Energy Inspectors, Wellness Within Your Walls, DES-SYN, Danielian Associates, Fusco Engineering, Gouvis Engineering, and Summers Murphy, our hard working design team partners, led by John Danielian. These folks worked very hard to produce this home. Special thanks to Habitat For Humanity Orange County, and Sharon Ellis and her team, who have put 2 years effort into this project to bring it to life. With the multi-gen model complete, we will now begin construction of the 2 smaller single-family homes in the ABC Green Home 3.0 development. All provided pro bono for three disabled U.S. Veteran families, by these kind folks and a huge number of our equally thoughtful and generous advertisers. Look for the ABC cubed logo on their ads. Huge thanks to all who participated.

Wishing your own teams the very best for a successful spring selling season and continued good fortune as our housing economy remains solid. Work hard—I will see you in the marketplace.


Nick Slevin


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