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An interesting—some argue bumpy—economic start to 2016 in the broader economy has not diminished home building’s luster. While Wall Street struggled, energy prices dropped off (and are only now recovering slowly), and coal mining continue to diminish as an industry, U.S. consumer confidence remains high, as does home builder confidence. We are beginning to see some signs of recovery in the starter home market this year as first-time home buyers are emerging from the sidelines. The feds raised rates slightly. However, mortgage interest rates have remained low and mortgage applications and home sales have both seen dramatic increases, year on year. Job growth continues to inspire home ownership. Wage growth lags somewhat. GDP is very modest, yet inflation remains historically low. 2016 is off to a promising start for the housing business. The country and the world is watching the debacle that calls itself Presidential politics. Voter turnout in November may be very light, as folks stay away from the polls in protest. A mistake, in my opinion. One way or another, a new President will be in the White House next year and a new chapter will begin for America.

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