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The news is filled with Brexit, markets reaction, the implications for the U.S. and for housing, wild fires, floods, violence against law enforcement in our streets.  There has been mercifully little coverage of presidential politics this past couple of weeks, among all of the proper news on the air, in print and online. Which for me at least, is a relief.  Our team had a great time networking with peers, our clients and a lot of homebuilders at PCBC in San Francisco at the end of June. The show was nice and our magazines all disappeared pretty quickly. The ABC Green Home 3.0 Program had decent attendance and seemed well received.  The parties were all bursting at the seams; the Builder’s Bash was great fun. Many thanks to Caliber Mortgage, PetersenDean, Panasonic, Southern California Edison and Rinnai for coming together with us to host this year’s well attended Bash. The Hall of Fame event went off very well and the new inductee’s are all most deserving of their recognition. All told, a good PCBC event, as usual. 

We are deeply involved in the construction of 6 Net Zero ABC Green Homes, on 3 job sites in Southern California. Our partner Habitat Orange County is doing yeoman’s work, as construction activity ramps up. Folks are enjoying watching the progress from the webcams on the jobsites. ABC 3.0 can be viewed here, , with all other jobsite cameras easily accessible through the ABC Green Home website,

Big thanks to all of the partners who are actively participating in the design, engineering, architecture and donating their time and building materials to these fully automated, high performance American homes. It is very rewarding to see the effort realized through solid construction. Many thanks also go out to our builder partner Habitat OC and to Mark Korando and Sharon Ellis, who run a very tight ship there. Net Zero is coming folks. We are very pleased to be able to demonstrate best practices in sustainable, energy-efficient homebuilding design, technology and construction via this unique program. 

Our next project is ABC/R, The ABC Green Home Remodel. We are ready to get started on a very green remodel of a 2 story, 3 bed, 1 bath 1946 built single-family home in the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California. More details to follow shortly.

Have a great summer, work hard and I will see you in the marketplace. 


Nick Slevin


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