Publisher’s Note: March 2021

Hello Readers, in print and online,

The first quarter of 2021 is moving along as our long and unusually cold winter continues and spring beckons. Vaccinations are continuing as the army is picking up the slack in some states administering doses. Drugmakers are stepping up their production and hopefully by summer everyone will be covered, lockdowns will ease and some semblance of our new normal will begin to emerge.

We have several themes in this March issue of the magazine. As we start to think about the spring selling season, I realize it has recently evolved into an annual online selling season, and customer service is necessarily changed with it. We are pleased to share thought leadership on the subject of customer service from several sources within these pages, I thank them for their contributions. Our second theme is sustainability. As you may have noticed over recent years, every other issue of this magazine has a green theme. We showcase projects independently certified and share higher performance materials for your consideration, along with editorials on sustainable home building. The third theme is affordable housing. We present two projects this month, one from New York, the other from Arizona. Both are multi-family developments.

In April we publish our annual buyer’s guides and sourcebook editions. These include profiles of 12 big home builders, as well as the home builder 1,000 list, detailing the most active home builders in the country. In Green Home Builder magazine we share the 500 top sustainable high performance home builders. Both buyers guides also showcase the best building materials suppliers, brands, websites and associations, trade resources and web links. Our team has already begun working on these print and digital desktop issues, you may receive a call from our staff, updating your information. Look out for these special issues next month.

The magazine website turns 25 this year. Hard to believe we have a website that is a quarter of a century old, but it is true. We host our e-newsletter on the magazine site as well as news and stories from across the home building business, updated by our editorial team daily. We also archive several years of this magazine’s back issues, which you are always welcome to read at your convenience.

Like all contemporary trade channel specific media businesses we are always improving our magazines, web sites, e-newsletters and our ABC Green Home demonstration home brand, which you can visit at Look out for some new themes, fresh content and new looks as we refresh and remodel our platforms. You can also find our content on our social media pages, where we support and promote our advertisers, showcase our home builders, architects, design teams and contributors.

In wishing you a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, I must also add that I am sad not to have been able to return to Dublin to visit my Mum and Dad, Brothers and Sisters, since 2019. As is the case for most of us, foreign travel is not a viable option under current circumstances. Hopefully we will get to return to Ireland in late October, for my 40th high school reunion. So let’s all get vaccinated so we can get back to our lives and loved ones. Stay safe and thank you for the privilege of your readership.


Nick Slevin