RoyOMartin Launches New Website

Alexandria, La. – September 21, 2017 – Wood-products manufacturer RoyOMartin today launched a new website designed to make it much easier for customers to access and share information about the company and its products, from both mobile and desktop devices. Alexandria, La.-based RoyOMartin manufactures oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood from plants in Louisiana and soon in Texas. “The website design relied heavily upon input from users, such as product buyers,” said Leigh Ann Purvis, marketing and corporate communications manager. They wanted product information that was easily accessible from anywhere, particularly at a job site or when away from the office. “We pride ourselves on our customer service, and this website is the logical next step in maintaining our high standards.” Other than updated and sharper graphics, a simplified login, and a more appealing look that better represents and fortifies the RoyOMartin brand, the new site enables users to get to the substantive sections of the site within fewer clicks. Also, users can now share product and literature pages directly from the site. “Our customers want readily accessible information about our products, and now they can get it with one click,” Purvis continued. “Sharing it is just as easy – just one click. Another way to simplify the user experience is through convenient web forms, built in throughout the site.” The new site also displays properly, regardless of the device on which it’s viewed. “More than half of the visits to our site are from mobile devices,” Purvis said. “Those users will enjoy a far more user-friendly, intuitive experience.” Purvis also stressed the important role the website plays in the company’s overall brand. “RoyOMartin is a leading U.S. wood-products manufacturer for a reason,” she said. “This new website aligns our digital presence with the high quality of our products and customer service.”

About RoyOMartin

RoyOMartin is the trade name of a group of forestry-related and wood-products manufacturing companies based in Alexandria, La. The company operates manufacturing facilities that employ approximately 1,200 in Oakdale, La., and in Chopin, La., and soon in Corrigan, Texas. For more information, visit

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