Shea Homes

Family-owned homebuilders Shea Homes are capitalizing on the recovering housing market, introducing new projects concentrated on energy efficiency, luxury, and unique design. Offering a wide range of style homes for single and multifamily, Shea Homes is going to continue to expand business in the West Coast and Florida by developing impressive communities with resort-like amenities.

Energy-wise, eco-friendly, and designed with the homebuyer’s health, safety, and happiness in mind, Shea Homes brings a unique take on going green while maintaining the reputation of elegance. “Superiology,” a philosophy originated by Shea Homes, is a concept demonstrating a superior sense of design, efficiency, and structure within all of the homes developed by Shea Homes.

This science of service has led to a J.D. Power Customer Service Champion of 2012 award for the second year in a row and five gold medal first place awards for Origen at Civita in Mission Valley by Shea Homes.

“It is extremely gratifying to receive the J.D. Power Customer Service Champion recognition for two consecutive years,” said Bert Selva, President and CEO of Shea Homes. “To be ranked among the best in the country alongside other prominent brands such as Apple, Lexus, Four Seasons Hotel and Southwest Airlines is a tremendous honor.”

While continuing an excellent reputation of customer satisfaction, Shea Homes is also furthering ventures into designing netzero energy homes. SPACES homes are a complete redesign of the average home with environmental and affordable principles in mind. SheaXero is another foray into the green building world where Shea Homes, partnered with SolarCity, aim to achieve net-zero electric bills by designing and developing homes that generate as much energy as they consume.

“SheaXero homeowners can save thousands of dollars per year on energy costs. Net-zero homes protect owners from the impact of electricity rate increases while safeguarding the environment for the next generation,” explained Rick Andreen, president of Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities.

Shea Homes has many different projects planned for 2013, and the steady ascent of the housing market paired with the company’s constant focus of quality customer service will further a rise in business, profit, and Shea Homes’ reputation for the present and future.

“As we look ahead, we believe we are operating in some of the best housing markets in the country which continue to exhibit signs of improvement,” stated Selva.

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