The B&D Interview: Darren Dupree

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Darren DuPree is prepared to excel in the role of President of TRI Pointe Homes Colorado, seeking to expand the company’s legacy in the region.

Builder & Developer (B&D): Congratulations on your new position as president of TRI Pointe Home’s Colorado division. What are your most immediate goals as president? Long-term goals?

Darren Dupree: Thank you! It’s great to be leading the Colorado division. TRI Pointe Homes will continue to build upon the strong relationships established with existing trade partners and the Denver area community. We are also committed to continuing to improve the customer experience and providing Colorado homebuyers with a superior level of service for years to come.

An immediate goal as president will be to respond to Denver’s regional growth by continuing to focus on purchasing land and building in both self-developed infill locations and master-planned communities. Long-term, we plan to expand the company’s footprint across a variety of price points and market segments, including first-time buyers, move-up/luxury buyers, and age-targeted communities.

B&D: Can you tell us more about the Denver housing market?

DD: The housing market in Denver remains strong. Denver can generally be categorized as having strong sales fueled in part by limited inventory — currently less than one month’s worth of resale home supply, and a low unemployment rate of 2.9 percent. And, despite some moderating, home price growth is projected through 2021, according to Kenneth S. Perlman, Principal at John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

B&D: Since this is a green issue, can you tell us about what sort of steps TRI Pointe Homes has made to be more sustainable?

DD: TRI Pointe Homes is constantly looking for ways to build green, sustainable homes. One program we’ve invested heavily in is LivingSmart®, TRI Pointe Group’s comprehensive program that seamlessly blends the design, development, construction, and operation of high-performing homes to provide healthier, more comfortable living environments with lower operating costs. There are five components to the LivingSmart® program that are included in each of our communities:

1. HealthSmart® includes features and finishes that contribute to improved indoor air quality through the use of low-emission carpets, countertops, and other building materials.

2. EnergySmart™ refers to features that reduce energy consumption through advanced construction techniques for the building envelope as well as the addition of solar, ENERGY STAR® appliances, and low-e windows.

3. EarthSmart® includes products or practices that relate to recycling and use fewer resources.

4. WaterSmart® describes home features that help reduce water consumption with lowflow devices and drought-tolerant landscaping.

5. HomeSmart TM also delivers a suite of state-of-the-art home technology and automation features that harness the power of internet-connected devices to elevate the homeowner experience and also allow homeowners to conserve energy.

B&D: One of the most significant obstacles in the homebuilding industry right now is the labor shortage. How is TRI Pointe Homes addressing this?

DD: TRI Pointe Homes participates in local industry initiatives in training and expanding the future labor force. While the impact of these programs will take time, we recognize the importance of investing now. We seek to maintain our home starts in our current operations in a consistent manner to ensure a steady flow of production. Our overall goal is to keep our labor onsite and avoid gaps in activity.

B&D: TRI Pointe Group has become one of the nation’s largest homebuilders since its inception in 2009. What attracted you most/influenced your decision to join the company?

DD: There are so many positives that influenced me. One benefit that really struck me is how the company is a large public builder, yet it’s an environment that encourages innovation in local markets. However, I’d have to say the number one reason I was attracted to the company was the culture. The company’s emphasis on the customer and the employee is actually very unique and sincere. I believe it differentiates us in the sales process, while also allowing us to add talented employees to the team.

B&D: What are some projects that TRI Pointe Homes Colorado has recently completed? Are there any in the works you’re excited about?

DD: I’m especially excited about the Crescendo Collection at Crown Point, our newest community slated to open in Fall 2018. The location in Westminster is unparalleled and I think buyers will appreciate the five unique floorplans.

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