The B&D Interview: Doug Bauer, CEO, Tri Pointe Group

Doug Bauer reflects on the company’s success over the past decade and the plans for the next

Builder and Developer: What were some major successes for TriPointe Group this year, and what are you most proud of?

Doug Bauer: I would say I’m most proud of our teams. One of the things I’m most proud of this year is many of our brands and divisions in various locals were ranked as best place to work. Almost all of our brands and divisions were ranked at the top, or top two or three, as the best places to work. So as far as successes this year, and what I’m most proud of, is really that. The fact that we have great teams out there that love to come to work and change people’s lives building homes and being passionate about it. That, to me, is what gets me going every day and why I come in every day.

B&D: What do you think it is about the TriPointe company culture that makes it the best place to work?
DB: I like to say it’s really a family. We believe in family. That family feeling and teamwork and collaboration permeates throughout the organization. I always say the most important asset that isn’t on the balance sheet is our people. All members of our leadership do a very good job at caring about our people. It’s really the team members.

B&D: Could you describe what TriPointe does in terms of corporate citizenship and how the company gives back?
DB: We call it TriPointe Cares. Cares stands for Charity, Advocacy, Resources, Enrichment, and Stewardship. It’s really about encouraging our team members to use their energy, talent, and expertise to give back to local communities; we provide some employee benefits for that. That’s our way of giving back to the citizens and community that we live and build in.

B&D: One thing TriPointe is known for is the LivingSmart® Program. Would you be able to briefly describe how it sets a TriPointe home apart?
DB: It’s a program that I don’t take credit for starting; actually, Pardee Homes started it years ago. When we started 10 years ago, we did this big acquisition of Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company, and part of those five brands was Pardee Homes. And Pardee and the LivingSmart® program was really about recognizing and acknowledging all the various resources that we need to be more cognizant of in our homebuilding operation — whether it’s water, renewable features of the house, energy efficiencies, HomeSmart programs. All of those programs under LivingSmart are all to create a better environment for all of us to live in.

B&D: One thing we’re seeing is TriPointe is expanding quickly to a number of different markets. What is TriPointe’s vision in this expansion, and what kinds of challenges are associated with a change like this?

DB: I stated this in our third quarter earnings call so I can tell you exactly what I told the public masses. We started a company and we grew it from zero to three billion in revenue
in 2018. We have a Next10 strategy of growing our revenue from three billion to six billion. I put that out there for the world to understand. And that includes both in the Carolinas, Texas, and growth here in California. In all our existing markets that we’re in, all ten of them have plenty of room for growth.

It’s that vision of growth over the next ten years that we’d like to double the size of the business as we had here in California but from Phoenix, Texas, and all the way to the East Coast. The challenges associated with that? It’s really finding the right opportunities and right people to join us on this journey of growing the business. That’s always the biggest challenge is really just making sure you have the right team members that want to be a part of the TriPointe culture. We don’t have a problem attracting people because our culture is so strong, but you also have to deal with the challenges of the normal economy. But finding the right people is always going to be the challenge to be successful.

B&D: 2019 is coming to a close. What exciting plans are in the works for TriPointe? What are you most excited about for 2020?

DB: Really, seeing our teams continue to grow and seeing our people continue to foster the culture that we’ve built here at TriPointe. That’s really building the culture of family, collaboration, and teamwork. We use a lot of sports analogies here, but what I’m most excited about is seeing our teams continue to grow and create an environment that continues to be one of the best places to work.

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